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Study Groups

Study Groups are smaller groups of RVQG members who meet monthly to share skills and ideas with each other, produce service projects and establish deep friendships. Study Groups are usually based on geographic location, shared interests and availability during meeting times.

Each study group has a designated coordinator, who tracks the activities of the group.

Each month, a Study Group is assigned to host the monthly meeting and welcome members and visitors.

 If you would like to join a Study Group, contact Study Group Chair,

who will advise of openings or assist you in forming a new Study Group.

A Piece At A Time

Meets 1st Thursday of the Month

Blossoming Quilters

Meets 4th Thursday of the Month

Calico Ladies

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Evansville Pieces, Clutter & Quilts

Meets 1st Wednesday of the Month

Friendship Quilters

Meets 1st Tuesday of the Month

Hearts & Hands
(H & H)

Meets 2nd Monday of the Month


Meets Last Thursday of the Month

Pieces by Piecers

Meets 4th Monday of the Month

Quilting Bees

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Quilting Divas

Meets 4th Thursday of the Month

Quilty Pleasures

Meets 1st Tuesday  of the Month

Sew What's

Meets 1st Friday of the Month

Traveling Needles & Forks
(TN & F)

Meets 4th Tuesday of the Month

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