Each Month, a Study Group is assigned to open the front door, greet members and visitors to RVQG, and help visitors find members to sit with if they are alone.

If you would like to join a Study Group, contact Study Group Chair Marcie Imhoff at

marcie@quiltbarnstudio.com or 847-302-8497.

Meeters & Greeters

Friendship quilters

May 17, 2022 Meeting

Hearts & Hands

June 21, 2022 Meeting


July 19, 2022 Meeting

Pieces by Piecers

August 16, 2022 Meeting

Quilting Bees

September 20, 2022 Meeting

Quilting Divas

October 18, 2022 Meeting

Quilty Pleasures

November 15, 2022 Meeting

Sew What's

December 20, 2022 Meeting